If you have a need for a basic pulse oximeter we are also able to offer a stand-alone SpO2 unit (Essential MRI Pulse Oximeter) which has also been developed from the ground up specifically for use within the harsh and unforgiving MRI environment.


Every component of the monitor is designed to withstand this harsh environment and has no Gauss limitations allowing placement anywhere within the MRI scan room. The unit is fully 1.5T and 3.0T compatible.

Essential makes SpO2 monitoring and patient transportation from preparation to exam and through recovery fast and easy. The compact wireless monitor with its easy-to-use, brilliant colour touch screen display can be mounted on an IV stand, bed rail or a roll stand, or carried in its specially designed case.

Essential Companion expands the functionality of your existing wireless MRI System or Invivo Expression MRI Patient monitor by utilizing the same wireless modules. Adding to a wireless MRI system instantly provides SpO2 monitoring capabilities. Additionally, when adding to an Expression system, Essential provides uninterrupted patient monitoring while transporting the patient.

Essential diagram


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