Expression PCP 5000

Remote monitoring from the MR Control Room & connecting both the Philips / Invivo Expression 400 & the Expression MR200 MR Patient monitoring systems with your hospital IT system is now easier than ever. The Expression PCP 5000 Patient Care Portal is your most convenient way to monitor your patients remotely & integrate your MR patient monitoring data from the MRI Unit.

With wireless remote MR monitoring, you should expect a complete interoperability solution that resembles standard bedside monitors. On its 19″ widescreen touch-screen display, you can access, view, and track vital signs in the MR control room without the need for extensive – and expensive – wireless router networks.

The Expression PCP 5000 elevates monitoring to management. It blends smart decision-making support with robust case-management capabilities, evolving to become intelligent and tailorable to the needs of you and your patients. Its advanced platform gives you more opportunities to gain deeper insights into a patient’s condition – and helps in satisfying your never-ending quest for better decision support.

Expression IP5

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